Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

- Martin Luther King, 1929-1968

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Lydell Wall, Former Detective for Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office, Certified Computer Forensics’ Expert and President of RecoverLogic

Tara is the consummate legal professional with an immense background in victims’ rights.  As an elected District Attorney she tirelessly sought the truth and justice for the citizens she took an oath to protect by placing the needs of the victims she represented over her own political ambitions.  Tara knows first-hand the value that technology plays in the legal system.  She has leveraged this knowledge by exposing valuable digital evidence, resulting in successful outcomes by seeking all avenues of discovery to aid and protect her clients.  Tara is a forceful advocate committed to seeking justice for her clients.

Teresa Lembke, Mother of Rape Victim

“Tara has an unshakeable sense of what’s right and wrong.  From the moment we met it was made clear that although our reason for meeting was this horrible crime, her priorities were us; we would only go as far as we could each day until all was completed.  Instead of just defending us, Tara be-friended us which set Mayana at ease to know that if it came to trial, she would have her new friend with her the whole time she was in the courtroom, and she would keep her safe!  Tara also made sure that there weren’t any surprises- we didn’t need any more stress.

I will never forget how Tara prepared Mayana to go to trial, just in case we had to and how boldly Mayana sat there on the stand, starring into Tara’s eyes as she said, “yes” when asked if she thought she could testify.  This inner strength my daughter possessed, a baby, only 7, wow!  Where did it come from?  There were many contributors, but none so instrumental that day than Tara Lawrence.  In her loving thoroughness and clever law abiding abilities, she made the courtroom a place that was familiar and safe for Mayana; a place where her new-found friend would be there to help her through this painful time.  We are so sad to see Tara go, but we are excited for those she will serve in the future and pray that God gives Tara strength in representing others as she eases their suffering and helps claim their safety as well.”

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