Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

- Martin Luther King, 1929-1968

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Committed to advancing my clients’ rights and enhancing public safety through education and awareness

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Leaders in Law Enforcement and Public Safety


  • Former Detective Lydell Wall has over three decades of law enforcement experience and is one most well-respected computer forensic experts in the Nation.  Wall knows the importance of education in the prevention of on-line preditators. He implemented and supervised the Sexual Predator Apprehension program that televised nationally on “Good Morning America,” which introduced American audiences to the significant threat posed by sexual predators to our children.  Email the former Detective Lydell Wall and/or visit Recover Logic for more information.
  • Former Chief Deputy Rod Englert, a 48 year veteran in law enforcement utilizes his vast experience in Englert Forensic Consultants that specializes in reconstructing crime scenes, particularly homicides, and offer involved shootings.  The firm’s expertise is in blood pattern analysis, bullet trajectories, and ballistics for both civil and criminal proceedings.  Learn more about Retired Chief Deputy Englert, Englert Forensic Consultants, and his book “Blood Secrets.”
  • Chief David Bishop is the retired Beaverton Chief of Police and leader in the law enforcement community both locally and nationally.  Chief Bishop was recently invited to a Washington D.C. Conference as a featured speaker regarding crime victims’ rights. Retired Chief Bishop continues to work in  advancing the interests of crime victims and law enforcement.

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