Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

- Martin Luther King, 1929-1968

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Lawrence Law Office is dedicated to serving clients that have suffered injuries resulting from criminal conduct, negligence, and cases where both forms of wrongdoing are present. Crime victims have rights and remedies that are not always best served in the criminal justice system, but can be helped through the civil system where they are individually represented by a private attorney. The O.J. Simpson case is a tragic reminder that victims of crime and their families may be denied justice through the criminal system. Fortunately, victims of crime may receive justice through our civil system. One of the reasons for the different jury verdicts in the O.J. Simspon criminal and civil cases resulted from the lower burden of proof in the Wrongful Death Civil case brought by families of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Criminal and civil cases require different levels of proof. Our criminal justice system’s burden of proof is higher than our civil system’s burden of proof. The different burdens of proof are:

  • Proof beyond a reasonable doubt – criminal cases
  • Proof to a mere preponderance of the evidence – civil cases

Tara’s experience in both criminal and civil cases enable her to better understand the complicated and often sensitive dynamics of cases where clients have suffered as a result of intentional criminal conduct, or wrongdoing as the result of negligence.

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